UPharma App

An app to advance secure pharmaceutical services.


✓ Personal and health details

✓ Vaccination card

✓ Language: Finnish, English, Swedish, German, Spanish, Estonian, French, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Chinese
 Regular medication

✓ Push Notifications

✓ As needed medicines (PRN)

✓ Add a photos

✓ Medication history

✓ Share your information

lääkesovellus upharma app
UPharma App

UPharma App

  • Offers everyone, despite the knowledge of pharmaceutical services, a way to control their own medical- and health information professionally.

  • Promotes safe and secure medication and helps managing your medical- and health information in busy everyday life

  • Allows the availability of Your and Your close ones’ medical- and health information

  • Travels with you everywhere with your phone: in pharmacy, at doctors or nurses appointments, vacations, emergencies… Never be without your most important information

UPharma App makes medication easy. You don’t have to fret with your outdated medication list. Manage your medication and other healthcare information in one app, modernly and easily.

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