Electronic Vaccination Card

Do you still have your vaccination data?

You may also have come across a situation where you can’t remember what vaccines you’ve received and when. Finding a vaccination history can be tricky when not all vaccination data can be found in healthcare systems and a paper vaccine card may not be safe or up-to-date. Checking data on different health care services is laborious.

Kuva UPharma App -sovelluksesta

UPharma App – free electronic vaccination card

Finnish company Upharma Care has developed an application that can easily keep vaccination data and medical and health information up-to-date. The app conveniently goes with you on the phone and the data is stored securely on a secure server. The application has been developed in Finland and health care professionals have participated in the development.

All vaccination data, such as vaccines according to the vaccination programme, as well as information on influenza vaccines, vaccines required for travel and Covid-19 vaccines, can be stored in the app. If desired, you can set a reminder of the next time of vaccination.

Upharma App is available for free

for Android and iOS devices. The free version includes a vaccination card and personal and health information. Other functions are available for a fee. Download the app now for free and keep your data up to date!

UPharma App – Details


✓ Personal and health details

✓ Vaccination card

✓ Language: Finnish, English, Swedish, German, Spanish, Estonian, French, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Chinese
 Regular medication

✓ Push Notifications

✓ As needed medicines (PRN)

✓ Add a photos

✓ Medication history

✓ Share your information

lääkesovellus upharma app

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